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Colorado Blue Spruce

Picea pungens

Colorado Blue Spruce Suitability Chart

Colorado blue spruce is native to the Rocky Mountain region. The color ranges from dark green to silvery blue green. Blue spruce will form a very dense windbreak when planted close together, but they only have a medium growth rate. Colorado blue spruce is best used as the inside row of farmstead windbreaks. Survival is best if the seedlings are protected from drying winds by placing wooden shingles on the south and west sides. The tree cannot withstand long-term drought.

Spider mites can be a problem. Rhizosphaera needle cast can be a problem under persistent wet conditions.

Height at 20 Years: 18-25'

Height at Full Maturity: 30-45'

Suggested Spacing Within Rows: 16-20'

Suggested Spacing Between Rows: 12-24'

Colorado Blue Spruce Colorado Blue Spruce Detail