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Eastern Red Cedar

Juniperus virginiana

Eastern Red Cedar Suitability Chart

Eastern redcedar is native to Nebraska. It is highly adapted to a wide range of sites and has the highest survival rate of any conifer planted in Nebraska. Its deep roots and small leaf surface make it very drought resistant. The foliage turns a russet color in winter. It is the primary species in most windbreaks.

Two foliage diseases, Cercospora blight and Phomopsis blight, can cause substantial defoliation and kill redcedar if not controlled. Cercospora blight is common and widespread. A third foliage disease, Kabatina blight, can kill branch tips but is not a serious concern. Spider mites occasionally cause damage, and young trees may require protection.

Height at 20 Years: 12-26'

Height at Full Maturity: 25-35'

Suggested Spacing Within Rows: 12-16'

Suggested Spacing Between Rows: 12-24'

Eastern Red Cedar Eastern Red Cedar Detail