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Southwestern White Pine

Pinus strobiformis

Southwestern White Pine Suitability Chart

Southwestern white pine grows in Arizona, New Mexico and southwest Colorado. It is not native to Nebraska. Needles are in groups of 5, soft, dark to bluish green, 2 to 4 inches long, and tips are often finely toothed. Bark is thin, rough, and furrowed.

Young trees tend to be rather dense and symmetrical and pyramidal in shape. Its mature form tends to be open and irregular. It is more heat and drought tolerant than eastern white pine. White pine blister rust is a problem in southwestern white pine's native range.

Height at 20 Years: 15-30'

Height at Full Maturity: 30-55'

Suggested Spacing Within Rows: 16-20'

Suggested Spacing Between Rows: 12-24'

Southwestern White Pine Southwestern White Pine Detail